Mpenzi Wangu

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This track started at the riverbanks of the nile river. Murchison Falls, Uganda. We just had seen incredible wildlife when we heard the tunes of The Paraa Cultural Gala. Great energy! Wonderful musicians. One of them is a blind man called "Ganja". We asked this incredible Adungu player to start a first layer of the project. He was so keen, I wish I could go back and show him te result one day.

Later the track passed tot Moot Murphy. He had been focussing on African music for a while. When he plugged in we all knew it was the right man on the right spot. Also Cuban violin player Santiago was a perfect fit in the puzzle. We met before and hooked up again in Breda. Where we recorded the layers.

An other friend I met on the road also came visit me in Holland. We've been recording before in Kampala, Uganda. Disun Future. Great enterainer, massive energie. Alsof this guy just had to be on this song. Love the fact we actually did it! Great energie..

At home I mixed it up a little bit and did some rhytm and sax layers on top.

Sharing our story is much appreciated. This is a voluntary project done with a lot of passion. You can help us a lot by sharing the video's. Thanks a million.
Disun futureDisun Future
Moot murphyMoot Murphy
Santiago jimenez borgesSantiago Jimenez Borges
Stijn de laatStijn de Laat
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