Proudly broadcasted season one

Wednesday, 20 July 2016
Proudly broadcasted season one
Today is a very special moment for me and I would like to share my thoughts with you. I can proudly conclude that we've broadcasted the entire Passionfruit Season One. A huge thanks to the journey itself in which the most amazing characters played leading roles. You inspired me by exposing your amazing passions. You guys planted the seed from which Passionfruit grew. After giving it energy for two years we start seeing the shape of a beautiful project now. The time working on it has given so many wonderful memories, amazing artists, inspiring ideas, beautiful places, new insights, great stories and more. It made me financially broke as a bum but I feel unbelievably fortunate now.

I am so proud we made this happen, simply by having a strong dedication. The world needs to focus on the positive more, you guys have this energy and by sharing it we share a great example. There are already 23 passionfruit video's online. We have twelve new videos setup for next season and just keep on going. I'm not writing this to brag but I just find it unbelievably inspiring to realize we got our shit done. And I feel we have the right to be f*** proud of this. Today feels like a break. As if we were hiking up this huge mountain together, looking back on it now. Realizing what it took us to be here I can only say "Wow, we did it! Now, let's cary on in a bit.."

Specially I would like to thank Rowan Stroop who put a lot effort in supporting the project in it's early stage. She has been compromising maybe even to much being a motivator in times I couldn't see the point of doing this anymore. Without her I would possibly have given up on the dream to make this happen. Cheers on that!

Also I would like to thank one of my best friends Arno Frericks who made our website. He made the size of the project visible. I feel like I can't thank him enough for his generosity and realize it would have been a long stuggle to come even close to a result like his. Without you Passionfruit was nothing but a good idea.

Thanks Michelle Kuijpers for helping me out whenever I asked for it. Your translations have been very helpful. I appreciate your contribution a lot.

Of course, A huge thanks to all the passionate artists we have been recording. All 154 of you are amazing! I would love to meet you all again at some point in our lives. You guys illustrated what people can achieve by having a pure passion and dedication for what we love. Let us be the right example and inspiration for the rest of our beautiful world.

A special thanks to Helen Louise Jones, Santiago Jimenez Borges, Connard Music-band (Axel la Courte&Jerome Beyer), J├Ârgen UNOM JG, Nancy Makiese, Inge Persoon, Jeremy English and Vince Linders who have been participating in our first Passionfruit On Stage tour in The Netherlands. Playing music with you on stage was amazing. The time we spend touring around, drinking and celebrating life was brilliant. Welcome to the passionfruit family. Due to the huge success I'm sure there will be another Passionfruit On Stage tour in season two.

And last but not least I would like to thank Jasper Barendregt and Stefano Bonfanti. Together we made Season Ones intro tune. You are great pro-active personalities to work with. Both very talented in what you guys are doing. Thanks for working together.

Thanks to everyone who spread our message, who believes in Passionfruit and thanks for every single like we received. By liking and sharing our page you show your appreciation. It supports us a lot to keep on going. You're all wonderful people and let's keep on sharing inspiration. We are working hard to launch Season Two and we'll definitely keep you posted.

Love you all!
To be continued..
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