Passionfruit on stage, great succes!

Monday, 06 June 2016
Passionfruit on stage great succes
Half a year ago an idea start growing in my mind. 'What if one day some of the passionate artists will come together and perform on stage?'. An interesting thought but i didn't considered it to be very realistic. Half a year later our first tour is a fact! Sometimes life suprises you. Allthough it helps everyone involved is very dedicated and keen to play as much music as possible. From 24th of may until today we have been performing in Amsterdam (The Pianist, Skekk & Pllek), Eersel (Playfestival) and Breda (Irishpub, Boulevard and de Speeltuin). Every gig was unique. Really, I'm so blown away by all of you.

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The Pecha Kucha presentation at Mezz Breda kicked off this very special week. The day before my artistic friends arived, the day to share my story in my hometown. I must say my presentation was a bit chaotic. Like everyone I had to get into this PechaKucha format of having 20 seconds per slide. But it was part of the deal and fortunately PK not about selling yourself at all. It's just sharing your passion. And most important I really enjoy doing it a lot. The warm reactions afterwards confirmed the passion reached the audience. Great start!

Pf onstage

The passionfruit tour didn't start less chaotic than my presentation. Friends who offered accomodation and transport cancelled last minute. Also Chris O'Dea had mistaken in his planning. Well, it was a point of no return and I've never been organizing gig's on this scale before. Actually I'm discrediting the concept by focussing on the false start. I mean, at the end of the day we had a roof, food and amazing gigs. What do you want more as an artist? The gig's were one by one incredible. We're a unique band only existing that moment. Everyone was so into it. It's the love I feel when we're recording but live on stage. I would love to talk more about every individual gig and describe what it was like. In stead I will be editting an aftervideo this week.

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Long story short, it has been a great succes. An interesting meeting of different cultures and characters. What role music plays in life is different to everybody. Though we all speak the language. We have been jamming with anybody. Amazing talents rocked up, this whole experience is just priceless. I'm pretty sure it will be continued. In the future I hope to be able to find a team organizing Passionfruit On Stage.
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