Aadita Chaudhurry

Kolkata, India
Aadita chaudhurry
About this artistHanging out with Aadita was great fun. Born in Kolkata (India), Grown up in Canada and gues where i met here? Yes.. Paris. I met her while she was doing her internship out there. Living in a gigantic bookcase or should I rather describe it as a very small french appartment :). Anyway, real artists can be creative wherever. Aadita has a very dedicated personality. She is curious and keen to learn a lot from other cultures and people. We had some interesting talk and easy-laughter. Awesome to have met you Aadita, though it was pretty quick.
A couple of questionsName of your artistic activity?
I'm a singer and I research the culture, history and philosophy of the natural sciences.

Where are you passionate about?
I'm really interested in exploring the intersection of the arts and the sciences, and the ways we can use language and creative ways to connect the two. I think I am fundamentally driven by uncovering intersectionalities between divergent practices and schools of thoughts, and this is just one way it comes about. I'm a science writer, and sometimes I dabble in singing in choirs, community groups and pretty much anywhere I get the chance.

What are the fruits of that passion?
I don't know if I can call it a fruit of my passion just yet, but since 2015 I have been working on a master's the way human bodies are intertwined with the natural world, and how climate change also invokes changes in the way we see ourselves and our relationships to everything else.

What do you want to share with our visitors?
A lot of the things I think about are portrayed here.
You can also follow me on Twitter @ThylacineReport

Who are you inspired by?
A number of different people! Donna Haraway, Patti Smith, Tom Waits, David Bowie, Bjork, Rabindranath Tagore, Wong Kar Wai, just to name a few.

What is your most amazing artistic experience?
I think discovering the works of Patti Smith as a teenager has had a lasting experience on me, and I think my attraction to her work changed and evolved as I grew older. Her latest book 'M Train' has been an evocative companion in the last few months to me.

How did you experience our recording and where was it?
We met at our mutual friend Philippe's house in Paris and we first came to record in my room at the Maison des Etudiants Canadiens in Cité Universitaire in Paris. This was particularly challenging because of how tiny it was, and I also had another friend staying with me! However, we managed to find so much more space in a large common room where we ended up finishing the recording. I was at first intimidated by the collection of music from some very talented people that Stijn showed me, but over time, I was able to overcome my shyness and contribute what little I could :)

Where can people find you?
I mostly hang around Toronto's west-end neighbourhoods Parkdale, Queen West, Ossington and so forth, in coffee shops, parks, and bookstores. At other times, I am away on conferences and internships with no specified location.

If you could do one wish for your passionfruit-tree (career) to grow faster, what would it be?
Hmm...this is a tough one. I think one of the things I think are absolutely necessary for anyone to be healthy, happy and productive is the feeling of belonging in a tribe that supports you and your dreams. In the last few years I have had to change careers, go back to school and I'm about to do even more school. I think I have found some of this tribe, but the remainder of my work life balance still has to be figured out. I think a good dose of connection to community and my surroundings will help enable this.

Contact info for our visitors to get in touch with you: email?
Email is best. aaditac@gmail.com.