Négar Ghassempouri

Paris, France
Negar ghassempouri
About this artistMeeting Négar has been very special. We haven't played music together (yet). Though I'm pretty conviced about it to happen one day. Her curious attitude makes her a very interesting personality. We have only recorded quick but I loved her support to the track. Négar is not a spotlight girl, isn't that were every jamsession is looking for? We should foster down-to-earth artists having an empathic focus like hers. Wish to see you again!
A couple of questionsName of your artistic activity?
I've just finished my studies in Architecture, so my current artistic activity is to find out my own way to create by writing, drawing and learning.

I also play trumpet in a beginner brass band which loves to play and perform, to spread love, laugh and beer.

Where are you passionate about?
Understanding people, feelings, and phenomenons.

What are the fruits of that passion?
I think i didn't find the fruits of my passion yet, or maybe i am just too blind to see it. But i do see in daily happiness the key for a successful life.

Who are you inspired by?
There are so many people you can be inspired by, so i try to find at least one thing i can admire in each one. But most of all, i get inspired by talented, passionate, humble and nonjudgmental people.

What is your most amazing artistic experience?
Every time I play and dance with my brass band and saw the audience smiling and dancing in the same way. There is one particular song we play laid down on the floor, and it feels so great each time the audience lay down with us in our giant and imaginary bed.

How did you experience our recording and where was it?
Our recording took place in Paris, at an unexpected moment in my life. Never thought i would do something like that, I feel so grateful to have been given the chance to do this and also so frustrated not to have been able to let myself express and enjoy totally the moment. No regret though.

If you could do one wish for your passionfruit-tree (career) to grow faster, what would it be?
Meet the right people, find out the right fruits and not be scared to go for it.
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