Tushar Pathiyan

Bombay, India
Tushar pathiyan
About this artistTushar is a great entertainer. Seem to take life not too serious and most definitely will be anyones friend hanging around in Manipal. Especially when you love skating, surfing and having some fun. Tushar imitates Nigerians better than a Nigerian and is not shy to smile and joke around all day. Him and Ishita are one of the greatest couples I've ever met. Unbelievably loving and caring for anything that lives. Including their lovely dog Marley which is subject of a lot of entertaining adventures stories. Marley just rocked up one day at their surf school. Tushar and Ishita decided to love this dog like their child. Writing this review I feel like booking a flight back to India to hang out and have some fun again. See you guys around!
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Coconut and a fish