Inge Persoon

Breda, Netherlands
Inge persoon
About this artistInge is a good friend of me for some years now. Actually during our travels we had her in the back of our minds. Some records were just meant to be for Inge to collaborate with. Inge is a very passionate musician, songwriter and incredibly talented film maker. We are so happy to have her on one of our tracks. Inge is a great example of somebody living her dream harvesting a lot of fruits from her passions. Her work is definitely worth checking out and I'm sure we're gonna hear a lot more awesome creations from hear in the future.
A couple of questionsName of your artistic activity?
Musical documentary filmmaker and musician

Where are you passionate about?
Creating! And discovering.

What are the fruits of that passion?
I write, play and record my own music and I’m a filmmaker. I like combining those two too.

What do you want to share with our visitors?
It might be a bit cheesy to say, but: life is too much fun to spend lots of time doing stuff you don’t like. Just be curious and adventurous stubborn and don’t worry too much about money or security (unless that’s what you like of course)

Who are you inspired by?
looots of people

What is your most amazing artistic experience?
I made a film while traveling in Australia. That was pretty amazing. The music for the film I wrote in layers, letting different musicians play, together but separately (a little bit like passionfruit). Also I got the trombone player of my favorite band in the world (the Cat Empire) to play in one of the songs and that was extremely exciting for me.

How did you experience our recording and where was it?
It was near my home in Amsterdam, in the woods. It’s always been awesome and very chill to work and create with Stijn, and this time was even cooler, being part of such an immense project.

If you could do one wish for your passionfruit-tree (career) to grow faster, what would it be?
Hmm, not very sophisticated to admit, but I guess a buttload of money would sure help, haha J. For travelling, instruments, recording, shooting and edits (and simply for rent and food until I’m able to make a bit of a living out of my creativity).

Anything else?
You’re doing a great job, Stijn, I’m proud and happy that you’re following your dreams!
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