Neville 'macdaddy' Anderson

London, United Kingdom
Neville macdaddy anderson
About this artistMac is the only musician we didn't meet in person. Unfortunately we were at the airport for our flight to India when we got in touch. Though he seems to be so motivated and keen to collaborate. Also we were excited about his trombone play. We don't wanna make an habit out of doing online collaborations. This project is about meeting and understanding people. But in this case we felt connected enough to still travel the trombone-layers he sent with us. Neville lives in Bangkok at the moment, next time we'll definitely knock on his door to hang out for a bit.
A couple of questionsName of your artistic activity?
Creator & Player of the MacBone

Where are you passionate about?

About creating opportunities for young people that play "Classical" instruments like trombone ,harp , cello, & oboe to be involved in the modern dance music of our time & developing their sounds with the new technology available

What are the fruits of that passion?

The sounds in my music to exemplify that "old" instruments still sound good in today's modern dance music

Being able to be paid for what you love doing is a true blessing & Seeing young people that have put time into learning how to sound good on an instrument making people dance.

What do you want to share with our visitors:
my new website where we give you the horn lines only for the poplar songs of today featuring our debut track Uptown Funk / The Horn Lines Only

Who are you inspired by?:
Fred Wesly & James Brown , Kool & the Gang , Parliament Funkadelic , & the Skatalites

What is your most amazing artistic experience:
The great harmony i've experienced playing with great musicians & singers from the beginning!!!

How did you experience our recording and where was it:
All by Time & Chance & I'm Happy to be a part of it !!

Where can people find you?

If you could do one wish for your passionfruit-tree (career) to grow faster, what would it be:
to be on the gig to play together , laugh together & share stories
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