Nafi-Harald Weiße

Berlin, Germany
Nafi harald weisse
About this artistNafi is one of the first hippies stranded in Goa. I don't think he has any plans of permanently returning to Germany anymore. He lives a happy life enjoying his freedom in India. Nafi really invented a genius instrument called "the hybrid sitar". It's a combination of a sitar and a guitar which is unique in the world. His instruments are being made in Germany and seriously have a powerful unique sound. Nafi implanted pickups to be able to plug into an amplifier. Why are the germans always having these awesome inventions?! Anyway, this easy going hippy welcomes pretty much anybody in his gigantic house. If you are in Goa I'm sure you can challenge him for a ping-pong match. According to the stories I've heard he is a champ. Unfortunately we didn't have so much time to hang out but I will bring my table tennis bat next time.
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