Tobias Raphael Schober

Salzburg, Austria
Tobias raphael schober
About this artistTobias, a laid-back Austrian traveler went to India for a couple of months on his own. Brave choice! We met in Gali's music-shop in Hampi and found a musical connection instantly. We didn't need much to go and record. I love Tobi's taste of music and especially his work at his HerbalConfusion page.
A couple of questionsName of your artistic activity:
Playing the guitar

Where are you passionate about:
Producing sound

What are the fruits of that passion:
Everything is about expressing yourself! Playing a music instrument is not just an activity, more it s communication with the universe you send you vibrations aroud the world. Even the people speaking other languages understand this universal language-music

Who are you inspired by?:
Every day is insperation, just when i wake up and see a beautiful morning i take my guitar and play.

How did you experience our recording and where was it?:
It was an awesome day in Humpi, i think we met in the small music store and had a conversation about your project. I love the idea and your bright mind.

Anything else?
It is wonderfull to see such motivated people like Rowan and Stijn :)
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