Sankarshan 'Shanks' Kini

Auroville, India
Sankarshan shanks kini
About this artistShanks moved from Bombay to Auroville to seek a new musical challenge. In contrast with busy Bombay Auroville offers more space allowing him to focus on developing music. We met Shanks at Mishko's where he jams and hangs out now and then. Shanks is eager to learn from different people and influences which makes him a very flexible musician. Personally I love his steel-string guitar-play on the Bombay Acoustic People album ""a reclaimed interval". Check out the video below.
A couple of questionsName of your artistic activity:
None at present. I toured 5 years with pop band Kailasa, played with Hipnotribe and Whirling Kalapas (independent Indian bands). My guitar duo project Bombay Acoustic People is dormant now

Where are you passionate about:

Sensory Experiences. Music just happens to be a tool I am relatively good at using.
I love my coffee. I roast, grind and brew at home
I like to cook. On some days I surprise myself. On most I satisfy my hunger and taste.
I love fruit
I love to travel and discover food related customs of different peoples
I love cinema
I love playing music

What are the fruits of that passion?:

It did make me money but I grew tired of being a hired gun. However when I was it afforded me valuable equipment an instruments that I use today to explore my passion for music
Roasting coffee has empowered me. Living in India I rarely get to taste good fresh coffee, so this empowers me greatly
Travel has brought me closer to the planet and taken me further from people. Those who know what I'm talking about will agree with me
Cinema can become a huge holistic educator. I believe cinema theatres should replace schools.
Playing music keeps me sensitive, aware and mostly even alert. It's immensely therapeutic to compose, improvise and rehearse with like minded people

Who are you inspired by?:

John Scofield: A very hip guitar player with a unique sound. Difficult to appreciate but impossible to shrug off once you're hooked.
Dave Weckl: a rhythm artist with impeccable execution
Eric Harland: another drummer - plays the song within a song
Indian Housewives : The silent gyroscopes of this burgeoning ailing country who while their husbands whirr off like unhinged motors keep the shit together.

What is your most amazing artistic experience:

Tripping on MDMA ten years ago and jamming with another guitarist who I'd just met then.
He later went on to mentor me for several years

How did you experience our recording and where was it:

Mishko's place in Pondicherry. I liked it. No nonsense. A coupla takes. Honestly the genre of music I played on is one I like to listen to more than play but this particular session turned out well. Everyone seemed happy with it

Where can people find you?

I live in Auroville. Check my soundcloud page out and hit me on if you'd like to collaborate.
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