Basab Sen

Pondicherry, India
Basab sen
About this artistBasab is a pure musician. Though he says he isn't. But he is! He says he is 'just playing around'. Just love this down the earth attitude. I think it's brilliant. He plays so delightfully. A smile on his face. Without struggles at all. Basab knows his music and teached me about the Indian rhytms and paterns in songs. Hearing people like Basab talk and play make me feel like taking more out of my personal musical carreer. And this says nothing about me, it illustrates what a great inspirator and teacher he is! Thanks for meeting you!
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Merging with my Self

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Uploaded 3 music tracks on youtube, under my name

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Vilayat Khan, Ravi Shankar, Nikhil Banerjee, Ali Akbar Khan
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