Chris O'Dea

Sydney, Australia
Chris odea
About this artistChris might not realise it himself, but he did teach me some essential sax-lessons playing solo's through the streets of Darwin. That alt-sax sound attracted us. Seeing him playing was even more inspiring. I mean, he doesn't need any backup music to stay interesting. Keen to interact in our project we just gave him the headphone and everything happened. Hope to see you at the jazzfestival in our town (Breda)! Always welcome.
A couple of questionsWhere are you passionate about?
Music, yoga, martial arts

What are the fruits of that passion?
The fruits of my passions are to become a better person mentally, physically and emotionally in order to help other people.

What do you want to share with our visitors?
Check out Scotch and Soda Circus by Company 2. We are a traveling circus who have a very good time smile emoticon

Who are you inspired by?
Sonny Rollins never ceases to inspire me. Also BKS Iyengar and Freddie Murcury.

What is your most amazing artistic experience?
One of my most amazing playing experiences was with my band The BRASSHOLES when we used to regularly play on the streets of Sydney. A couple of nights the party got so big the police had to shut us done. One of those nights in particular i will always remember for being the most fun music

How did you experience our recording and where was it?
I had a great experience recording. I was playing on the street in Darwin when approached and we cut the track and went to have a couple of beers at the pub smile emoticon

Where can people find you?
At the moment its a bit tricky as i am traveling all around Europe and Australia with Scotch and Soda, best place is on facebook and we can figure something out tongue emoticon
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