Jimmy Willow

Alberta, Canada
Jimmy willow
About this artistJimmy. This guy is already a legend. We saw him perform with Stefano Bonfanti. His improvised lyrics were mind-blowing. That night an indigenous guy happened to be his random subject. Jimmy didn't just rhyme. His metaphoric way of delivering his message was phenomenal. I've seen many freestyle battles in my life but have never seen people improvising layered stories like this. Jimmy is a very down to earth guy, always open for a jam. He walked an hour to reach the park where we recorded him. So delightful to work and hang out with him. Obviously he sings about things that may be perceived as cliches like "f* the system", "don't be materialistic" and "don't worry", but it's not an act. He really is that guy who doesn't worry too much. His little bag and guitar in the coconut song are his only belongings at the moment. He's definitely not just playing that role. Anybody out there, give this man a huge stage a guitar and a microphone! Wish to see you again Jimmy.
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Coconut and a fish

Coconut and a fish