Matty Cass

Derby, Australia
Matty cass
About this artistMatty is great company and an incredible talented writer. Practice makes perfect they say. Well, according to his huge file of lyrics and ideas he collects it's not a surprise he came up with something awesome. It's easy not to worry too much when you spend time with Matty. I mean, he's not taking life too serious at all, loves opening up a beer and lighting the BBQ. If I would live in Derby I would knock on his door all the time. The Song 'Raise' (broadcasted 17/06/16) is one of his original composition. That wicked garage-performances really gave us goosebumps! Cheers Matty
A couple of questionsName of your artistic activity:
Singer Songwriter.

Where are you passionate about:
Passionate about music in general and always love learning new instruments and jamming with new people!

What are the fruits of that passion?:
I have met so many amazing and talented people and made lots of beautiful music!

What do you want to share with our visitors:
Soundcloud, a range of demos and badly recorded things and different ideas made with lots of cool people! Nothing serious and nothing finished.

Who are you inspired by?:

What is your most amazing artistic experience:
I love playing music with a friend of mine Kit Hodgson. We live in separate cities now, but our
jams were amazing! I miss them.

How did you experience our recording and where was it:
It was very much by chance, I replied to a post on Facebook by Stijn and Rowan and said
bring beer and then we sat in the shed and wrote some lyrics and jammed with the sexy sax!

Where can people find you?
Usually at a bar, or anyone can email me with any requests, I love to write!

If you could do one wish for your passionfruit-tree (career) to grow
faster, what would it be:
I've no need for a career, playing and creating is enough!

Anything else?:
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