Marshal Brlumbud

Wunambul, Mowanjum aboriginal tribe, Australia
Marshal brlumbud
About this artistMarshall faces the reality of being an indigenous Australian every day. Fortunately in Derby people live in harmony way more than other cities we've been. Especially the Norval Gallery is a place everybody is respected equally. The reputation of indigenous guys isn't respected in Australie and most of the time not even understood at all. We did hang out with Marshall for some days and could easily feel his struggle. I mean, imagine how the world reacts on you when you're drunk. Imagine how people are judging you when you are drunk and aboriginal. That's something else. According to the historical perspective I find this position very hard to pull together. We felt sorry for him and other indigenous like him. But Marshall didn't want to be someone you feel sorry about. Marshall is Marshall. He's a joker, rascal, charismatic, lonely wolf and artist at the same time. After a sunny fist-fight he was putting all in perspective and cheered Rowan up when he saw her tears of injustice. Rowan felt so sad about the way human beings are still not having equal changes in life. This incredible reality left such a strong impression we still talk about these days. Marshall is a part of the Mowanjum Community which has an outstanding museum just 10 km's out of Derby. You should definitely go and check it out when you're around.
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