Topo Ari Wibowo

Jogjakarta, Indonesia
Topo ari wibowo
A couple of questionsWhat are you up to these days?

I am still painting on that shirts.

How did you experience our recording?

I like your project. I like your videos that you make with great editing touch. I feel more one step forward. I can show the video that me inside it to the people. I hope one day we can make it, bro.

What is your vision?

I dedicate all my artworks and introducing contemporary Batik to the world. I want to develop the Indonesian traditional Batik become more than now. I know that I am not the only one of this art work, people before me doing similar like this. They keep try it still. I do another way of Batik , that is "paint on T shirt"..bit comercial thing...I don't put the money in my first aim..I think money would come later.. I am inspired by the people before me that trying to do the same.
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