Núria Maynou

Barcalona, Catalonia
Nuria maynou
About this artistA pitty we had not so much time to hang. Nuria is a friend of my brother, through him i came in touch. I sent her the layers of Jorgens song when I went to Barcelona on my moped. Nuria seems to be a very loving person. She also really had a great energy towards the project. Recording her was so easy and professionally done. Unfortunatelly we both were a bit in a hurry and didn't hookup for so long. Hope to find more time in the future.
A couple of questionsCan you tell us something about yourself?

I love music since I was a child. I remember I used to sing all the time... I loved it. I used to make up songs or imitate anything...

What’s the story behind your passion?

My mother saw I loved music and I had some facility with that, and she made me to start studying music out of school. A good teacher invited me to watch a cello concert, and I wanted to play this instrument.

What does it mean to you?

I love every kind or artistic discipline, in fact... That's what interest me. I am passionate about music -I enjoy playing but also listening, of course, it's like a huge pleasure-, but also I love painting, looking and admire paintings/architecture/sculpture... reading as well, sometimes I try to write, but I find it the most difficult thing for me... Feeling emotions through art is something basic for me.

What is your most valuable memory according to your music or art?

I can't think about one memory... I've collected a lot of good memories playing on stage... But I remember some good concerts with wonderful feelings from the audience and also with the others musicians/band. I remember my first experience in a big orchestra too... But it wasn't always so easy or pleasant... I know sometimes I was really nervous and not enjoying music as it deserve.

Where can people find your music?

I've collaborated in many recordings, and I usually play with som Catalan songwriters like Joan Dausà, Estúpida Erikah (a project by Lluís Bòria), Invisible Harvey or Flamaradas. Previously, I used to play with u_mä, Maria Coma or Xarim Aresté -great musicians, by the way-, for example, and in some artistic performances.

Is there something especially you wanna share?

There's always good things to come. The Flamarada's next album will be out very soon and I played cello and sing in some songs! Meanwhile, I'm waiting to start rehearsing for new recordings and tours.

What are your musical ambitions in the future?

My dream is to play until my last days, 'cause I love it and I need music to breath, as well we all need love. If it's not possible to play with other musicians, I might start my own project... Let's see.

Is there something in particular you want to focus on?

I would like to compose my music, some day, and sing more. I've been always afraid to sing, for shame, but I should try to keep going both, play cello and singing. But I have no rush at all!
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