Swami Vidhyadiraja

Trivandrum, India
Swami vidhyadiraja
About this artistSwami Vidhyadiraja is a very special man. To me he is the definition of being wise. He was very interested in us and seem to come up with the right questions all the time. He trained his mind for years and years. It was impressive how he adapted information and organized it all. Never met someone who is able to listen well like him. Many people listen but according to what they answer you know they're not quite getting what you mean. Swami has the capability of understanding to core instantly. Amazing! So was his artwork. The way he used his brush was pure meditation. So inspiring to meet people like Swami.
A couple of questionsWhere are you passionate about?
Teacher of Vedanta art of work

What are the fruits of that passion?
Self satisfaction

Who are you inspired by?
Guru Nitya Chaitnya Yati Sree Narayana Gurukulam
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