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in this mix ludovic boutet from france plays the guitar. this neo-hippy really travels the world with a permanent smile on his face. alwast up for a jam, anytime anywhere. he's a master in playing sort of gypsy up beat music but this guy really plays whatever comes up. great meeting you ludo! he is doing a music project while traveling with his friend axel called old monkeys. check out their work at:https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?... keep on going!

the djembe player next to ludo is 'gali durugappa', you prob know him from the first passionfruit. this friendly percussionist runs a shop in hampi, india. he really got some interesting instruments to sell, so.. if you love music and are in hampi anyway.. try to cross that river and find gali :)

We've met topo ariwibowo on gili trawangan. this down to earth guy played a couple of nice bass loops for this mix. he is graduated as an indonesian batik artist. some awesome t-shirt design are being exposured in this video. so if you're in gili tralala.. go check 'm out at soundwaves bungalows! you are more than welcome..

as we where just having another music-jam at the soundwaves bungalows, jaspreet kaur showed up. she was a bit of 'pushed on stage' by her friends.. and when she was on it, everybody knew why. holy sh*t what a voice. this professional musician from london lives in sidney these days for finding a new challenge. check out her work at https://myspace.com/jaspreetkaurmusic...

then I added a little bit of a saxophone solo to the mix. in the visuals you see me playing for an indian movie in kochi end of september 2014. that's actually not where i recorded this jam. who cares..

guys, you are awesome again!
Gali durugappaGali Durugappa
Jasper kaurJasper Kaur
Ludovic boutetLudovic Boutet
Topo ari wibowoTopo Ari Wibowo
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