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in this one mishko m'ba from france plays the bassguitar. i met this man in pondicherry (india) where he lives and plays music for a living. we basically just pluged in a mic and a bass and did it. with an endless jam, a lot of lauching, happiness, beer and wishkey as the result. check out this awesome musician:

a month later i ended up in krabi, thailand. couldn't mis the joybar. this awesome musicbar is a breeding ground for talent. one of the talents i've met is z-gamz vangpring. he wrote this tribute to BB king and played a bit guitar as well. this ambitious man really goes for it. check his own label and multi-talents out:

the other talent became a very good friend. nadish madhaven really supported the project with his magic, camera-work and all his great ideas. he brought me to wonderfull people in cochin, india. but most important he f*ckn freaked me out with his magic. all of the magic performed in this one is not edited and without after-effects at all.. even i don't have any idea what's going on there. amazing! check out his shit at:

man, you guys are awesome!
Z gamz vangpringZ-gamz Vangpring
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