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this video you hear robert geesink. a brilliant artist from amsterdam. these days he lives in hampi (india) with his wife and kids. if you come over for a tea he'll definately be painting or playing his saxophone. i'm not sure which talent i like the most.. it's both too damn good. this amazing talented man still lives life to the fullest, such an inpirating 71year old boy :).. robert, i'll be back for another jam with you.

and then the puppetman aka agus gunawan from pangandaran. this man shows exactly what i wanna say with passionfruit. no mather what you do, whatever your skill is... just love it! that's all you need. and agus really really loves it. he's being a puppet-maker his entire life. working on this craft going from father to son. he and his club are not shy to do performences. wheter it's an improvisation or a six hour show with their big-band. if agus plays, he's an happy man. and so am I. feel free to visit him in pandaran or even book him for a show: agus_wayang@ymail.com

you guys are awesome!
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