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in this video you see Gali from Hampi, India playing the hapi-drum. he sells wonderful instruments in his musicalshop across the hampi river, check it out!

on the bass we have varanon pommala, this laid-back dude has an awesome reggaeband called 'rastaflower'. their playing music (almost) every day, if you're in krabi, thailand... go and meet 'em in the joybar for a jam!

you will also find his friend ton taiwasan there. in this one he's doing the vocals but he plays awesome basslines as well. check also the taiwasan band from krabi, thailand for some great worldmusic.

the other talents i found are the players from the indian panampilly government highschool in cochin. this boys are really taken the sport seriously. they're ready to push indian soccer to the next level. this school is really doing a great job by stimulating sports for young people.

you are awesome!
Varanon pommalaVaranon Pommala
Ton taisawanTon Taisawan
Gali durugappaGali Durugappa
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