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Traveling my audio recorder around the world. Came across many very interesting musician who dropped musical layers on layers on layers! The process is very interesting and suprising. In this one I came across Gonzalo Cardenas, a Mexican accordeon player in Barcalona. After his first layer the song has been passed on in Canada, Holland and Denmark. Enough said.. The process took us some years and many more songs are waiting for the final layer. I am very happy and proud with this one. Sharing is much appreciated. Thanks for your time :)
Jodie bJodie B
Luca curcioLuca Curcio
Marshall rasmussenMarshall Rasmussen
Stijn de laatStijn de Laat
Wouter worthalotWouter Worthalot
Faye elizabeth smithFaye Elizabeth Smith
Waseem hakhrooWaseem Hakhroo
Gonzalo cardenasGonzalo Cardenas
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