No more exploitation

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Joe N zep. A passionate singer song writer. He wrote the chorus/concept of this collaboration and is always up for a jam and earns his living from making music. We admire his enthousiasm and pure passion for what he does. We loved Pangandaran.

Joe is not the only talent we've met in Pangandaran. Dika, played the drumkit in just one take without struggling. Dika is a no-bullshit down to earth guy, his drums are like his character. Easy going, not to complicated and very very steady. The world needs more drummers like you Dika! :)

The third Indonesian in this song is Romy from Malang. Romy usually plays metal. In 'no more exploitation' he shows that he can play more than that. Romy is as down to earth as Dika is. He is also very enterprising. He has his own band and his own clothing line in Malang. Wonderful, inspiring. Thank you Romy!

Mishko M'Ba is not a new passionfruit face at all. In one jamsession we've recorded many many basslines for a few passion episodes. Mishko plays many gigs around the world and his various bassplay gives an insight of his experience. There's never enough Mishko-bass, we're addicted :).

In very inspiring Derby, Western Australia we've met Matty Cass. This funny singersongwriter is also not narrow-minded at all. He really does anything. From radio-stuff, rapping to his own guitar-songs, coverperfromances and whatever else. We'll also see Matty in season 2 with his own made wonderful ballad. Looking forward editting that episode. Thanks for your rap in this one mate!

This episode is recorded in Malang & Pangandaran (Indonesia) Derby & Monkey Mia (Australia), Perhentians (Malaysia), Pondicherry & Orchha (India).
Joe n zepJoe n Zep
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