Rock and Bucket

about this episode

This episode started with streetdrummer Uan in Chiang Mai (Northern Thailand). The creativity he had was brilliant. Uan just made a drumkit out of buckets and earned money to feed his family. Some people find solutions in everything.

How this recording would evolve was a big question. Akshay in India answered in an very original way. This hardrock fan turned the plastic drumkit into a fundation for a hardrock song. Suprising and very nice to see tracks grow this way.

Later on we met Boban to give the kick and snare drums some extra body. He just started playing his electric drum. Love the simplicity.

On the moped trip from Breda to Barcelona I met Dick Vossen who played the bass. This wasn't the biggest challenge for him. By then the track already had a theme and for this musiclover it was easy to play a smooth bassline on it. Thanks to Dick the track was about to be done.

Sander and Robert, two guys I knew from back in the days, finished the track. Sander dropt some honest punchlines about the struggles he deals with in his life. Being diagnosed schitsofrenia, diabetes and some homeless-years are the ingredients for his sincere emotions.

The combination of Roberts solo and Renzo's skate tricks in the chorus bit fixed the bigger picture.
You guys are amazing!
Dick vossenDick Vossen
Akshay neelieAkshay Neelie
Renzo sastre carmenatiRenzo Sastre Carmenati
Boban vijayBoban Vijay
Robert vd heuvelRobert vd Heuvel
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