Jazzy journey

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A jazzy journey from Incredible India to Paris. The fundament of this record is made in India where we've recorded Robert, Sidhartha and Helen. They really gave this record an amazing Indian laid-back feel. So was Roberts art gallery. Isn't the charme of it a great way to start a jazz track?

I've never been so much into jazz which made it a huge challenge to get a grip on it. Especially to mix this Indian energy with the more western angle. I'm honored to have worked with talented musicians like these guys and learned a lot from mixing this track. I'm atracted by this special contrast of different worlds. Love it!

You guys are awesome.
Sidhartha bajaSidhartha Baja
Stijn de laatStijn de Laat
Ad hendriksAd Hendriks
Robert geesinkRobert Geesink
Jasper barendregtJasper Barendregt
Domitille degalleDomitille Degalle
Helen louise jonesHelen Louise Jones
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