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This one started with the incredible sound of Basab's Sitar. I've never been recording sitars so far. Such a typical energetic sound. Really gives me that asianfeel. Happy to meet Basab and Manosh at their regular wednesdaynight rehearsel.

We met Jayaprakesh Menon later on in Cochin. Awesome to be able to continue in this India/Asia feel. JP is really a unique character which he exposes a lot in his singing. People say there is a thin line between crazyness and geniusness. JP really is both. He has been living in the Indian rainforrest for 7 years were te birds teached him how to sing. That's where he learned to connect with the nature more than ever before. If you want to know more about this guy you should really just knock on his door in Cochin. Great story of a great man.

At this stage the tracks was pretty much only recorded in India. Didn't wanna go to far from our concept of bringing cultures together. I was happy to find Courtney Tujeehut in Netherlands. He gave the track some international flavour. It really add's value to the bigger picture in my opinion.

Last but not least I would love to thank Rowan Stroop for shooting the amazing video footages. She has been out a lot with that camera. As a nature lover she loved to study the behaviour of those langurs in Hampi. But also the birds in that amazing temple in Madurai didn't slip her mind. Great eye and those shot's really made this video complete.

You're all awesome!
Courtney tujeehutCourtney Tujeehut
Basab senBasab Sen
Jayaprakash menonJayaprakash Menon
Manosh bardhanManosh Bardhan
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