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We were walking around in Pai, Thailand. An incredible sound triggered us. Abi and his kids were doing this traditional Lisu Tribe street performance. Abi was raising money for their education. Beautiful to experience this dedication and willpower to realize their dreams. At this point we didn't know what kind of music it would become.

In India we met Joslee a.k.a. LonelyDoggy. This rapper inspired me to sample Abi's string sound into a hiphop beat. To produce this track I pitched down the string layers and add a drum and bass. The record got a complete different meaning. To us it was a beautiful suprise. Joslee did a nice 16 bars which we combined with Ugandan rapper Lyll Mykk not much later.

Paula gave the (sort of) chorus her personal balkan/gypsy feel. Great idea of here to scat in this eastern europe style. Personally I feel like her parts are adding a lot of value to the track.

I like it when passionfruit jams evolve to different atmospheres. So i felt like there should be a quite different outro in this one. Besides, I don't mind grabbing my sax now and then at all. Love how the whole track came out.
Stijn de laatStijn de Laat
Lyrical mychealLyrical Mycheal
Joslee lonelydoggyJoslee (LonelyDoggy)
Paula v anastasePaula V. Anastase
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