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This is the last episode from our pilot season 1. We have been traveling quit a bit and recorded different artists who collaborated in a track without knowing each other.

This one started with steve outhit from canada who we've met in indonesia. This very enthousiast guy was on a musicinstrument hunt around the world. He traveled with his flute and crazy charrango. He played the catchy chorus and the flutesolo on a metronome.

After recording steve we met dika who played also a layer of drums in 'no more exploitation'. Cheerful guy, serious in what he does and the recordings went very smooth.

Jasper Seisun played the bass-layer as if it was nothing. He is grown up in a musical environment and has jams every friday. Wonderful to see how musical skills can develop when it's stimulated by an environment. Very inspiring how he could just manage to play drums, bass and guitar at his age.

Then we've met Emily and saul in australia who gave this track another dimension. Emily's voice gave the track a spacy feel. She is really inspired by Indian influences. Also she made great pictures in her sketchbook to be seen in de video.

Saul became a special friend. We shared so many music and had surprisingly the same taste. He played a nice riff and extra layer on the spot.

My sister Hannah visited us on our trip to Thailand. She don't thinks she is a good singer herself but i admire her voice at her age without singing lessons or any training. Talent is there. Hopefully she is gonna sing more in the future.
Steve outhitSteve Outhit
Saul cresswellSaul Cresswell
Jasper seisunJasper Seisun
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